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Partnership to Provide NERC Compliance Solution and Consulting Services
MetricStream, a market leader in Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) solutions, and CRSI, a premier security, operational and compliance consulting firm, have partnered to help energy and utility companies strengthen and streamline compliance with NERC 693 and NERC Critical infrastructure Protection (CIP) standards.
Gaurav Kapoor
MetricStream, Inc.

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Compliance : Accounting
> New VAT Rules
> Better Address Company Risk
> Finance, Performance, Risk and Regulatory Reporting
> OMS National Insurance Company Chooses Accenture to Meet Business Transformation Goals
> Wolters Kluwer Adds Cost Basis Reporting for Debt and Options
Compliance : Basel III
> Wolters Kluwer Selected for Basel III Reporting
Compliance : Cloud
> Virtustream’s Federal Cloud Receives Authorization to Operate from the U.S. Department of the Interior
> Axway Cloud Solutions Certified as Enterprise Class
> Montrium: Microsoft is Committed to Compliance
> Virtustream Adds Enterprise Risk Management
Compliance : Currency and Foreign Transactions Reporting Act
> Capital Bank to Fight Money Laundering with SAS
Compliance : Dodd Frank
> 2nd Anniversary of SEC Conflict Minerals Rule
> Anniversary of the of the Dodd-Frank Act
> The Future of Conflict Minerals
> Boards Exceeding Environmental Oversight Requirements
> Impact On Operational Risk
> Unifi Earns Responsible Source Certification
> BWise Offers Vendor Risk Management Solution as Supply Chain Risks Increase
> Supply-Chain Guarantee Renewed for Citibank Supporting CNH Suppliers
> Goldman Sachs Leads a Strategic Financing Round for MetricStream
> Integral First to Announce Compliance with EBCS Mid-Mark Requirement
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Compliance : ESG Factors
> GENIVI 5.0 Compliance
> Tying Sustainability Metrics to Executive Compensation
Compliance : Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act
> Iron Mountain Shredding Program Aids in Preventing Identity Theft
Compliance : Federal Corrupt Practices Act
> Survey: Proper FCPA Due Diligence is Biggest Challenge
Compliance : Financial Crime
> EXIGER Launches Global Regulatory and Financial Crime, Risk and Compliance Firm
Compliance : Foreign Corrupt Practices Act
> Partnership Formed to Expand MENA Services
> Uncovering High-Yield Investments in Ethics & Compliance
> Partnership to to Integrate FCPA-Focused Transaction Monitoring
> The Red Flag Group and Concur Fight Global GTE Bribery Risk
> Webinar Series to Help Detect and Prevent FCPA Violations
Compliance : HIPPA
> MMIS Solution to Reduce States’ Risks and Costs
> First Data Recovery of an SMR Drive Has Been Successfully Completed
> LogRhythm Becomes the Only Security Intelligence Platform to Achieve Meaningful Use Certification
> Magic End-to-End Enterprise Mobility
> DriveSavers Emphasizes Security
> Protect Patient Privacy, Ensure Trust, and Maintain Regulatory Compliance
> Cloud Data Security with HIPAA Compliance
> Axion Health’s HIPAA and NIST-Compliance Provides Peace of Mind with Secure Data
> Top Priorities: Audit Awareness, Compliance Effectiveness and Training
> New Working Group to Support White House Cybersecurity Order
  More HIPPA...
Compliance : International Filings
> Thanachart Bank Selects Wolters Kluwer IFRS Solution
> Key International Deadlines: 2013 Calendar
Compliance : Investment Company Act
> Reforming Money Market Funds
Compliance : PCI Security
> PCI DSS 3.0 Compliance Validation Solution
> New PCI Essentials Training Course Announced
> Remote System Management Delivers PCI DSS Compliance
> New Tools Allow Retailers to Tap into Wi-Fi
> Encap Security Joins FIDO Alliance
> Tenable Network Security Validated for PCI DSS 3.0 for VMware
> Fraud Index Report To Monitor Global Online Payment Scams
> PCI Compliance Guide
> BeyondTrust Proves Ability to Detect, Identify and Report Vulnerabilities
> Defeat and Analyze Threats in Real-Time
  More PCI Security...
Compliance : Sarbanes Oxley
> Advanced Data Governance
> Risk-Based Global Compliance Solution
> Data Interpretations That Matter to the Business
> The Power of Data Reporting Standards in Private and Public Sectors
> BlackCloud Data Recovery
> Communication Network for Moscow’s New Spartak Stadium
> Advanced Data Governance Solution for Box Customers
> HyTrust Partners with Intel to Enhance Security
> Netwrix Announces Increasing Demand in Security and Compliance
> Intellicheck Mobilisa Receives Lenel Factory Certification
  More Sarbanes Oxley...
Compliance : Service Contract Act
> CostCommand Assists Government Contractors With Compliance
Compliance : Sustainability
> Agilent Supports 10GBASE-KR/40GBASE-KR4 Compliance Testing
> Agilent Technologies Advances Sustainability Goals
Compliance : Thought Leader
> Attacks Mostly Undetected Until Too Late
> BlackLine Systems CEO Invited to Speak at Silicon Beach Fest 2014
Compliance : U.S .Drug Quality and Security Act
> rfXcel to Meet China Anti-Counterfeiting
Compliance : U.S. Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA)
> Cayman Moves Forward with FATCA Compliance
> CSC Helps Financial Institutions Comply With FATCA

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